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Below we have collected together videos found throughout the site, under various topics.
We present them here as an easy to use video library resource.

Polypharmacology and Diagnostic Overshadowing
Key Points: definitions of polypharmacy and diagnostic overshadowing concerns and considerations surrounding behavioral healthcare medication planning considerations for care when taking a holistic approach
Psychotropic Medications
Key Points: The role of psychiatric medications in behavioral healthcare Special considerations when considering psychiatric medications in behavioral healthcare
School Collaboration and Treatment Services Integration
Brian D. Tallant, LPC
Aurora Mental Health Center
Aurora, Colorado
Transition into Adult Care
Key Points: Recommendations for transitioning youth into adult care, Transition preparation tracking goals, considerations, and keys to success, Decision making options and considerations when transitioning from pediatric to adult care, Additional resources for families and providers
The Culture of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and its Impact on Psychiatric Care
Key Points: examples of stigma and discrimination within the IDD community, challenges faced by individuals and families of individuals in the IDD community, considerations for providers supporting the IDD community
Family Engagement
Key Points: considerations for supporting families, key strategies for effectively engaging with families